Sanctan Economics

You ask of money?   The monetary system in Sanctuary is far from standardized.   Let me see your coins.   Hmmm, very nice.   But they’ll do you little good here.  You need Sanctan coins — at a good price.   For that, you want to see Bezul the Changer; he’ll set you up with what you need.
What?   You want specifics?  Fine; give me one of those silver ones.   No, not that one.  It’s from Nis, and nobody takes them.  Because they’re cursed, of course; Everyone knows that.   Where did you say you were from?


The shaboozh is the principal coin in Santuary.   Shaboozh are octagonal silver coins measuring just over an inch edge to edge with a hole struck in the center.   Each coin has eight faces on one side of the coin, and fifteen etched rays emanating from the hole on the other.   The faces show Father Ils and his family, and the current governer of Santuary.


Shaboozh are routinely cut up into sixteen small pieces called Padpols.  Padpols are the currency of the standard citizen; everyone uses them.  What do they buy?  A person can buy basic food for a day (a loaf of bread and well water) with a Padpol.  
The Palace regularly collects padpols, melts them down, and remints them into shiny shaboozh.   In Ilsig, padpols were once known as padpools and had their own denomination, but it’s been at leaset a generation since one of those coins circulated in Sanctuary.


Royals are gold coins, roughly 3/4 of an inch from edge to edge, and twice as thick as a Shaboozh.   You can tell the age of a Royal by the face of the Ilsig Emperor on the front.   A Royal is worth about 100 Shaboozh; we don’t normally see them traded out here on the streets.   In fact, don’t carry Royals around, if you value your life.


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